Wednesday, 3 November 2010

University - money, money and MORE money...

(I've been eating left over Halloween sweets for the last three days and I'm starting to feel slightly ill. I only got one trick-a-treater this year, and so now I'm left with a massive box of sweets).

Anyway, thats not what I wanted to blog about today. Infact, I don't really have that much TO blog amount-  average week, average day (albeit with drops of drama here and there).

One thing that has been on my mind lately is University. I was watching the news earlier this evening, and it stated that University tuition fees can rise up to £6,000 in 2012, and that Universities can even raise it up to £9,000.

It's ridiculous. How much do students up in Scotland pay for tuition fees? Oh, wait, thats it - THEY DON'T. There's so much pressure on teenagers today - forget the stereotyping of being lazy, eating junk food and gettting wasted (okk, some of that is true, but still). Not only is University now SO competitive with thousands of students applying for nowhere near enough places, but now we get to graduate in thousands and thousands of pounds in debt? Brilliant.

Things like accomodation are now so much more than they used to be (one room, with a bed, desk and basin is around £95 a week - don't even mention an en-suite), and what with the ecomonic status, and lack of jobs, it's not like us students can just skip Uni all together - now, a degree is ESSENTIAL to getting a job, if you're lucky.
I heard a couple of months ago that more and more graduate students go into unpaid internships, unpaid work experience, or even stay on for a post-grad degree due to the lack of jobs out there - and this is after we've worked our socks off for 3 years and got about £25,000 worth of debt. YAY.

I also remember last year the media stated that exams were getting "easier" - now that's a funny story. An article in "Red" magazine spoke about this, talking about an 30-something-year-old woman who tried out an A Level English Lit exam, "...the reading list had barely changed from my day....far worse was the coursework - dissertation with footnotes and self-justification" on Ian McEwan's Atonement? Phew! Don't let anyone tell you A Levels have dumbed down. They haven't".

I'm sorry for the rant-  just wanted to get across a student POV on the recent news. And show that us teenagers don't hang around corners with our hoods up, smoking a fag - nope, we're all actually studying our butts off. Honest.


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