Thursday, 25 November 2010

Back to Basics...

In need of a new style or trend to follow? Look nooo further, I have just the thing...

So...structure, elegance and tailoring - the "Basic" Look, and one that isn't everyone's cup of tea..(hmm, tea).

This seems to be emerging into this f/w, and although it looks fabulous, it can be expensive to pull off properly. It's very much about having those few quality pieces - no disposable fashion from Primark - but instead, buying a coat with that timeless style and quality that will last you years. Only one problem - it's prettttyyy expensive - especially for us students!

Saying that, I think this look is one that can work better for those who are older - now, I don't mean 70 year old women trudging around in cape coats or leather pants -"No Nan, just no" - but those who are already moving up the career ladder and need that sophisticated edge - we all need to impress our bosses right? And fashion is actually a great way in doing that.

This style focuses on one item at a time - everything else about the outfit has to be simplistic, plain, almost like a canvas, for this particular item - whether this is a printed tunic, a over sized jumper, or a straight lined coat. Layering, large accessories or more than one stand-out print is a no-no.

Hmmm, this sounds a bit boring right? No big accessories or more than one interesting item? Pfft.

But! Do not fret if you're one those quirky, mix 'n' match people - basics can still look interesting, especially if the stand-out item is something like a knitted jumper, a distressed cargo jacket, or even better a bit leather or leopard. Blacks, creams and brown are perfect for this look, and you can also add a splash of colour, like red or purple.

Just keep it, well, basic...

If you like this look, check out Zara's November collection. It's pretty lush.


Some items from Zara's November collection - to see the rest, visit the website!

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