Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Lets fly away...lets fly, lets fly, lets fly...

Now, I'll admit, that although I was aware of this upcoming trend - what with the whole Amelia Earhart look going on - it was a conversation with one of my friends that reminded me of this latest "in" item.

"So you know how my Uncle has a glider?" (now, just to let you know, my friend isn't some ultra-rich mega star who had dozens of planes, its just her Uncle reallyyy likes to fly).
"Well, I might get his hat!"
"His hat?..."
"Yeah, like the flying one? And you can get goggles too!"
"OH! The Amelia Earhart look?"

So, it was this conversation that lead me to realise just how serious the new aviator look is. It's odd to think that Amelia Earhart herself was alive way back during the 1930s, and even then she wasn't considered a fashion icon at the time at all - her clothes were for practicality.

Not that I'm complaining; I love the aviator jackets, paired with army-styled chinos and boots. The development of this new style was inevitable really, if you think about it - first was the 1920s/30s chic vintage with antique jewellery and high-necked blouses, then came the WW2 influenced brogues and high-waisted skirts, in which the post-war origins developed into the military/army styling, and then finally hit the only aspect of that era that hadn't been touched - the WW2 jet setter.

The good thing with this look, and all of the styles dominating this f/w, is that, since the origins all circle around the similar era, they can easily be combined together - velvet skirts with pixie boots, army trousers and aviator jackets. They even work with the modern twist - ripped denim, baggy tees, tailored blazers, and a pair of dark (and thick)jeggings. Faabbbbbbb.


(Aviator Jacket - Burberry)

(Rihanna looks stylish is a rather furry trapper hat)

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