Saturday, 6 November 2010

Velvet; a hint of vintage and this years must-have...

So, I was flicking through my large pile of fashion magazines, as you do, and simultaneously browsing the H&M website - which have some greeatt new f/w items that won't break the bank btw. (They also have this amazing gadget called "fashion studio" in which you can try all the latest clothes on a virtual model, and see how it looks! I spent two hours doing this yesterday. Productive, I know).

Anyway. It was this browsing that let me come across one of the latest trends, but one that even most of the quirkiest girls at my school haven't really worn. It is, of course, velvet, which is becoming more and more this winter's "It" fabric.This reawakened style is definitely in keeping with the upcoming christmasy feel, with the dominating colours of deep red, plum, purple and black.

As velvet was popular during the 1920s, this new trend seems to have stemmed from the vintage-chic that's been significant in fashion in the last couple of years, and it slips in perfectly next to those brogues, and can even be paired cleverly with some chinos.

No longer is it the LBD, its now the LBVD - ("Little Black Velvet Dress") that's a must-have for your wardrobe, and if you want to glide through this years winter in effortless, and timeless, style.

(As seen on the Catwalk)
(Diane Kruger braves a stylish velvet jumpsuit)

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