Friday, 31 December 2010

Keep it real girls...

I just wanted to say how much I lovveee and admire these women below. And not because just because they're talented and stunning. No, no. Because, right - sorry to talk about this taboo so freely - they don't have ANY boobs. Yet, they don't go and get mega plastic surgery and look like some sort of awkward blown up balloon. Instead, they flaunt it, and let's face it, look pretty darn good.

So it's true - there is no need to worry! Follow these great examples, and it's just shows how you don't need ridiculous EEEEEEs to look fab, or to impress a guy. If they can do it, so can we right?

It's crap like the below that makes me angry - would you really want to look like that? They just look so stupid, and to be honest, if you're one of those guys who needs something like the below to date a girl, then, quite frankly, you don't deserve to marry anyone. Or maybe Janice Street Porter/female version of Voldemort.

See. These women just look ridiculous, and it's such a pathetic attempt at getting publicity. Do they have any dignity left?

And as for Heidi Montag here. *vomits*


Thursday, 30 December 2010

Wait, they what?

Ok, this post is a bit of a long shot. Fashion - Celebrites - Gossip. That's what I'm going for. So, if you don't care about celebrities (I don't blame you), then look away now - quick get a blindfold, burn you eyes out or something etcetc.

Now, so, celebrities live the perfect lives, right? Beautiful, rich, sucessful, popular blahblah. And especially the ones which are married and with kids, cause now they have a beautiful family too. 

WELL. This is what we are MEANT to believe. Therefore, the astounding amount of divorces and break ups this year, has burst this little perfect bubble for me. Waaah.

The list of break ups below make me sad:

- Christina Aguilera and whatever-her-husband-is-called (Oh! Jordan Bratman)
- Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes
- Sandra Bullock and Jesse James (AS IF YOU'D CHEAT ON SANDRA, SHE'S AMAZING?)
- Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole
- Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christian
- Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy
- Eva Longoria and Tony Parker
- Courtney Cox and David Arquette (WTF!)

I know. I mean, if hot stuff like Cheryl Cole and Eva Longoria can't keep their man, what hope in heck to the rest of us average souls have?! NONE.

It's true to say that this celebrity-marriaged-bliss is all a lie. LIES AND SLANDER. Or maybe it's being a celebrity that's the cause of the problems? Maybe us normal-average-Joes stand a chance at marriage, because, well, we're average?

There's always one big difference though. When they get divorced/heartbroken, they can treat themselves to a five star hotel in the Bahamas with an entourage of slaves, and drown their sorrows in retail therapy. Us lot, on the other hand, have to make do with crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry's - true Bridget Jones style - whilst worrying about bills to pay, and living with the fact that our career is going NOWHERE.

Life really isn't fair.

These two break ups below have to my favourite/most shocking:

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Not so perfect are weeeeeeeee Zanessa? Now Vanessa can wipe that stupid smuge smile off her face....

"We're all in this together...!" *ohshutthefeckupdifkjueldkgoaway*

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson

AS IF. JUST WHY? You'd think two people as perfect/pretty as eachother would stay together, but noooooo.

My life is ruined. Well, not really.

This does mean that Ryan Reynolds is single though, so YAY! (even if I'm not lovin' the beard?)


Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A rather hypocritical post - how to be "individual" in fashion...


Is that really something that can be achieved through fashion? People always go on about how they express their true "creativity" and "feelings" through what they wear.

We all know that's lying. A BIG FAT LIE. Because, no one wakes up in the morning and goes, "Wow, I feel like putting on some leggings and a huge woolly jumper, cause that's how I'd like to EXPRESS myself, and that will REFLECT my mood". No, no. People wake up and go, "oh crap, what can I find that's vaguely fashionable and won't get judged in?!"

So there's the stark, obvious, and predictable truth about fashion. And, don't get me wrong, I still love fashion. I still want to write about it, follow it, wear it. What I don't like - this is a massive annoyance - are the people who THINK they are quirky, and different, and individual, when in fact, they are the ones conforming to fashion THE MOST.

I'll paint you a picture.

In my school common room a couple of week ago, I saw three girls in front of me. And they were wearing the following:
-Camel chinos
-Knitted jumper
-floral scarf
-flower in their hair
-brown handbag, vintage style

They were literally wearing the same outfit. The only difference were the varying amounts of irritation beaming off their faces and into my eyes. How could they not notice this? And, although I have no physical proof, I could tell by their stance and pompous-cowish expressions, that they FELT quirky.

If you wanna be quirky, don't wear a giant over sized jumper and a pair of leggings because that's FASHIONABLE.

To be different, individual, look at what people are not wearing. Get rid of anything remotely vintage. Try futuristic- maybe some shoulder pads? Wear things that looks horrible on your Dad. That's right, bring back those 90s blue jeans that awkwardly hang at the ankle, and maybe a Millets anorak. 

Don't try to be quirky by conforming. It's hypocritical (a little like how this post is with the rest of my other posts). Don't look through fashion magazines, or watch what celebrities are wearing.


Just, accept that fashion, like most things, means following and being a sheep. Admit that you're a sheep. It's ok to be one.



Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Death by sales - don't be fooled...

It was almost like some sort of battle ground.

There were piles of clothes scattered in various places across the store, most of them disregarded and left to be trodden on, with some of the lucky remaining few still balancing unsteadily on the tables. I could see two women in the distance reaching for the same jacket, and then trying to gently snatch the jacket off one another, and the queue went round the store like a huge snake, it's tail stopping just before the doors.

This was a shopping centre by the way. Actually, to be more specific, this was a Zara store that I went to on Monday morning. Hectic doesn't cover it, and just the sheer amount of people was a bit overwhelming. I could see girls walking past me with hundreds of items piled in their arms, whilst I stood in the everlasting queue with only one t-shirt and a skirt.

Honestly, it's like people were buying all their years worth of clothing in one day! Although, we know that's not true at all - we'll be back shopping in February for some retail therapy, even if we have no money.

But why do we shop so much in the sale? What is this almost compelling attraction to discounted items? It's become a festive tradition, and for women, it's like a obligation to the female race.

Because, if I'm honest, these sales are nothing spectacular. Dresses in French Connection aren't suddenly 50p, and half of the clothes in the stores aren't even on sale. That's why, as I carefully made my way round the shops on Monday - or rather, as I got pushed and practically beaten around every shop -  I was just shocked at how much people were buying. Had I been transported into some sort of upper class society shopping centre, and thus surrounded by rich people? Was the recession and failing economy all a lie?

Because, when I actually looked at the sale items, there was only about 25% off, if that. I mean, the skirt I bought was £17, from around £24 before. Not exactly a huge amount different? I could still see jackets going for £50, and boots way over £30. Basically, the sale WASN'T that good.

Yet, there were thousands of people? And why?

Just a bitta Santa Propaganda for you....
It's all down to advertising of course. The media. How sales are hyped up all year round, how we are taught, and conditioned, to think that we need to go to them, that they are spectacular, and that we will save hundreds of pounds. Which, of course we won't. In reality, we'll save about, hmmm, £10 off a dress maybe? And, even if we do find a bargain, it doesn't make up for the money spent over Christmas, or the fact that we'll still be shopping later on next month with a higher tax increase. Great.

So, I'm not saying never go to sales, because, let's face it, the industry needs us to be spending. Just make sure that you're not completely fooled by what you see on TV - things may be on SALE, but it doesn't mean it's CHEAP. And it doesn't meant it's GOOD either.

Just a thought...


Thursday, 23 December 2010

A completely pointless Christmas post...

I'm so sorry, my dear blog.

I have neglected you for over two weeks. And the worst thing? I can't even blame it on work, or school, or anything. The only thing I have to explain my utterly sinful lack of blogging is, myself. And when I say myself, I mean, my ridiculously lazy attitude, and a horrible bout of writer's block. This isn't a good sign, considering I want to be a journalist - we should be able to make ANYTHING interesting. Even paint drying. Or a local football team winning the country championships (be honest, no actually gives a toss about local football/dancing/tennis teams. Or anything related to local schools).

I'll be honest. This post is going to have no direction, no meaning, and you'll probably gain nothing from it. Except for maybe a snigger at some ironic or sarcastic remark I make.

They say that fashion is always changing, and therefore there is always something to write about. However, since I've already spoken about f/w collections, and Christmas outfits, my mind has a reached a blank. Total blank.

So. The word "books" appears in my blog title, but how much have I actually written about books? Erm, like, one post. Oops. But! Do not worry, I have bought a book in the last week, and despite not finishing either yet, I thought I could mention it here.

It's called, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" - you might have heard of it, and it was the New York Times bestseller (just some little persuasion there). I have only just started this, but, trust me, if you like Austen - or actually, if you DON'T - then, this book will really suit you. It's still written in Austen's style, but this time, the Bennet family must continue their search for marriage, whilst fighting off a zombie plague. Cue matrix-style combat, rotting corpses and detailed descriptions of torn limbs, and crunching skulls. Definitely a lovely read this Christmas.

(The film version of Narnia is on in the background as I write this, and I can't help mentioning - don't you think the actress who plays Lucy is just bloody awful? The Chronicles of Narnia tried to recreate the same type of hype and success that circles Harry Potter....and well, it, just, erm failed. Probably cause they're crap, but hey!)

I apologise for the rather ironic and blunt tone I've got going on in this post - it's not quite as lively as my fashion blogs, as well, writing about fashion makes me happierrr (oh the cheese/cliche). I should make a lovely cheery Christmas post, full of sparkles and festive joy, but we all know that Christmas is totally commercialised nowadays, and lost it's true meaning.

Scrooge much, I know.

I'm going to leave now before I start waffling on about even more depressive things like the Christmas-Weight-Gain, and the miserable-ness of having no one to kiss at midnight on New Years.


(To recover from the sad mood this post has given you, just think - Ryan Reynolds has divorced....)


Thursday, 9 December 2010

What to wear this Christmas?

This f/w may be all about jumpers, patterns, woolly hats and fairisle patterns, but it's a whole different story for those Christmas parties and New Year celebrations. Want to look fab at them all? Keep reading...

Sooooo, I was having a flick through magazines and the internet, and realised that parties, and even Christmas Day if you wanna go full-out, has taken elements of this winter's style, and given it some of Santa's magic (ok, ok cheesy line).

Basically, what I'm trying to explain, is that the Christmas/New Year look is far more glittery, sparkly and flowing - not to mention tons of sequins - that whats been around this year. It contrasts to the plain jumpers and masculine military looks that are around, and is actually a refreshing. It's a great chance to feel much more feminine, but still keeping some vintage and aviator elements to the outfit.

For those who want to take full advantage of the feminine feel, then choose items like flowing cape dresses and layered maxi-dresses - nude pinks, and white will compliment each other, as will adding glittering jumpers, cardigans, and even feathers. These looks can be completed with some ballet pumps, or slim heels, with some minimalistic jewellery and make up. Almost fairy-like I think!

However, if you still want to incorporate some edgy-ness, quirky add-ons and even hints of masculinity, aim for black shift dresses - the A-Line styled ones with no belt can even create an almost masculine feel, which you can mix with leather/aviator items (jackets, trousers) from autumn's trends.  Wearing shirts - nude, or black - and pairing it with sequin shorts, or skirts can be quirky too, as will adding on socks-into-sandals, lace-boots, or large jewellery. Finally, add some reow with messy hair and smokey eyes.

One tip for all to follow for this look?

Red Lips. Mwah.


P.S Merry Christmas Everyone! - whether you're dressed completely in fashion (like the above) or - like most of us - spending Christmas day looking oh-so-fab in a pair of pyjama trousers and a reindeer jumper. Just too cool really.

(All items shown can be purchased on the Topshop website)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Just a thought....

I'll be honest, today's post is going to be one of those let's-just-keep-writing-and-hope-it-goes-somewhere...kinda thing.

There's one obvious thing I can write about of course, and that's snow. It's always such a huge thing over here in England - places like New York, Stockholm and Moscow function perfectly with the snow, but London turns standstill, and the media goes crazy for it.

Not that I don't like snow of course. Just came back from my garden - its practically up to my knee! Nothing better than running through a untouched bit of snow ahhh :)

But all this snow got me thinking. I've had three days off school now due to the conditions, and if I'm honest, it starts to get a bit..bboorrrinnggg (yes, I did just say that. I'm sure I'll take it back the minute I have to go back to school, but you knoww). It got me thinking of holidays, oddly enough - travel, seeing the world, new experiences. We spend so much of our lives do little things that don't matter? I think if I took the amount of time I spent on the computer, or watching Friends re-runs, I have a couple months back of my life.

My brother-in-law said to me today - I was making up an excuse to not go sledging, since I had just got up, and all comfy in my pjs, the idea of going outside in the cold was a no no - and he goes, "Really, Nicola, one day life is just gonna pass you by..."

Oddly, this actually stuck with me a bit today. Which is why I made up for the lack of sledging by running around my garden and making snow angels. One thing I would love to do, would be to travel. Wouldn't you? Go shopping in New York, have a coffee in Paris, try surfing in Australia. Our world today is so career-headstrong, which I like too, but I think sometimes we just need, well, a break? Maybe actually see the world whilst we're young?

So, I've decided to write a list of all the places I have to go to before I die. (Happy, I know). Here is it: (you could do one too?)
- Australia
- Italy
- Japan
- Africa
- Paris (ok, so I've been to Disneyland when I was 7, but as an adult is completely different!)
- And last but definitely not the least - AMERICA. Yes, I've never been there before! I'd love to visit Hollywood and LA - maybe meet someone famous?!, New York (of course) and beautiful places like San Francisco. And also, everyone has to go Las Vegas at least once?

And there we have it. Pretty pointless blog entry you might think, but all I'm trying to get at is, maybe there's more to life than essay deadlines and pleasing your boss? Just a thought.

"Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" - Lennon