Thursday, 23 December 2010

A completely pointless Christmas post...

I'm so sorry, my dear blog.

I have neglected you for over two weeks. And the worst thing? I can't even blame it on work, or school, or anything. The only thing I have to explain my utterly sinful lack of blogging is, myself. And when I say myself, I mean, my ridiculously lazy attitude, and a horrible bout of writer's block. This isn't a good sign, considering I want to be a journalist - we should be able to make ANYTHING interesting. Even paint drying. Or a local football team winning the country championships (be honest, no actually gives a toss about local football/dancing/tennis teams. Or anything related to local schools).

I'll be honest. This post is going to have no direction, no meaning, and you'll probably gain nothing from it. Except for maybe a snigger at some ironic or sarcastic remark I make.

They say that fashion is always changing, and therefore there is always something to write about. However, since I've already spoken about f/w collections, and Christmas outfits, my mind has a reached a blank. Total blank.

So. The word "books" appears in my blog title, but how much have I actually written about books? Erm, like, one post. Oops. But! Do not worry, I have bought a book in the last week, and despite not finishing either yet, I thought I could mention it here.

It's called, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" - you might have heard of it, and it was the New York Times bestseller (just some little persuasion there). I have only just started this, but, trust me, if you like Austen - or actually, if you DON'T - then, this book will really suit you. It's still written in Austen's style, but this time, the Bennet family must continue their search for marriage, whilst fighting off a zombie plague. Cue matrix-style combat, rotting corpses and detailed descriptions of torn limbs, and crunching skulls. Definitely a lovely read this Christmas.

(The film version of Narnia is on in the background as I write this, and I can't help mentioning - don't you think the actress who plays Lucy is just bloody awful? The Chronicles of Narnia tried to recreate the same type of hype and success that circles Harry Potter....and well, it, just, erm failed. Probably cause they're crap, but hey!)

I apologise for the rather ironic and blunt tone I've got going on in this post - it's not quite as lively as my fashion blogs, as well, writing about fashion makes me happierrr (oh the cheese/cliche). I should make a lovely cheery Christmas post, full of sparkles and festive joy, but we all know that Christmas is totally commercialised nowadays, and lost it's true meaning.

Scrooge much, I know.

I'm going to leave now before I start waffling on about even more depressive things like the Christmas-Weight-Gain, and the miserable-ness of having no one to kiss at midnight on New Years.


(To recover from the sad mood this post has given you, just think - Ryan Reynolds has divorced....)


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