Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Future: A Slice of Reality

I haven't posted in ages, my apologies.

I guess I've been, well, busy with some rather over dramatised issues lately.

And I want to come back with a BANG, a decent blog post that either sends you to tears, laughter or gives you a new found view on life as you know it (I think quite a lot people need to gain a bit of perspective tobehonest).

But, as I fail to reach the levels of Shakespeare, Stephen Fry or Michael McIntyre, I guess I'm going to have to settle for mediocre/normal/average/yeahokshush.

Basically my final year in 6th Form/Secondary school is coming to close, and as many others are, I'm applying to University - to do journalism if you don't know. And yesterday, I finally made my firm decision - no going back eek! - to study at the University of Portsmouth.

I went back there for a whopping second time yesterday, and basically looked around the town and found out more about my course. My ultimate favourite part was the sea front - the way you can just stare out at it, forgetting all your worries and problems (not that many of us actually have dire issues, but you know).

It was daunting to think that I had potentially made a choice that was going to change the rest of my life - the place itself, the people I meet, the experiences I get. And I think in that moment, I well, I realised just how lucky I was, you know? To have all these exciting opportunities in front of me, the world at my feet.

It made me think how so many others never get the chance to go to University, or experience something that hopefully I will. It was a hard knock of reality upon my somewhat sheltered mind - well, not as sheltered as some people - but it reminded me that the future is going to happen - it will arrive, you will have to face it and that's life; so much of what is happening now is never going to matter in months or years down the line.

I guess what I'm trying to say is - face the future, face reality and take responsibility. University, for me - right now - is my future and a stepping stone towards adulthood.

Eventually, we all grow up.

Goodbye naivety, hello world - get used to it.