Sunday, 30 January 2011

In Loving Memory

I would like to dedicate this post to my dog who passed away on Saturday, who I've had since I was only seven years old. Even though she was just a dog, she was still one my greatest ever friends.

So here goes.

Rest in Peace Miss Sophie "Piggy" Webb.

Sophie Webb - 9th June 1999 - 29th January 2011

"We'll meet again,
Don't where, don't know when,
But I know we'll meet again
Some sunny day...."

Thank you for being part of my childhood - dogs really are a man's best friend.


Friday, 28 January 2011

I wanna go to the Gloden Globes only cause of the clothes...

"Ohmygod. You are never gonna believe this!"
"I just got a special invite to the Gloden Globes! As part of the press of course - I'm doing a full features article AND I'm sitting next to....Brad and Angelina!"
"What, really?! THAT'S SO COOL!"
"Well, obviously".

Ok, no this didn't really happen. Obviously. Sorry to disappoint.

We all know what the Golden Globes is about. Not to celebrate acting talent - only a little. That's just an excuse to hold an event in which rich beautiful people get to dine with other rich beautiful people, and let us judge their clothing. It's also a way of saying, "HEY HOLLYWOOD IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING - WHAT WE SHOW YOU IS HOW THE WORLD SHOULD BE (AND WE TELL YOU WHAT TO BELIEVE)". *lies*

I quite enjoy the clothes part - shocking, I know. Watching stars walk down the red carpet in Chanel, Versace and other designers which no-one knows how to pronounce (and pretend to know). Here's a selection of my faves:

And here's the people that maybe should have gone home and changed?


Chill out dude?

I swear this time of the year -alltimesoftheyear- is full of rushing. And deadlines. And miserableness. And some more rushing.

Society - well, western society - is just so fast-paced? People barely even greet each other anymore - and thats if you're good friends. Strangers/acquaintances are the worst. Actually, the London underground is has to be the top most miserable place ever. People just bash past you, stick their noses in a newspaper and after your initial triumphant of getting a place on the train, you realise that your nose is stuck in someones armpit.

I want one as a pet please?
Spring isn't too far away. Fashion magazines are already launching the new ranges, which, ntgnnalie, I'm pretty excited about. Keep an eye out for a post on that in the near future.

But anyway, yeah, I saw this quote on facebook and though I'd share it. Chill out like a panda:

"I love pandas.They're like "Dude, racism is stupid. I'm Black, White, and Asian. And everyone loves me. Cause I'm a panda. So stop the hate and start the love, man."

Peace out?


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sing away those winter blues...

This song never fails to remind me of summer/put a smile on face/make me wish I could play the guitar:

"With only two
Just me and you
Not so many things we got to do
Or places we got to be
We'll sit beneath the mango tree now..."

Gotta love it.


P.S We're better together.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fast Forward to Summer please?


Definitely one of the most miserable months - in fact, I think Monday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Of course, this was supposedly proven by some professors at whatever-university, but was later discovered to be a big pile of poo. Well, scientifically speaking anyway.

I personally believe it's pretty accurate. Christmas is over - thus we have no money, we weigh more, and we're back to work. Summer seems like a billion years away, and the weather is cold, wet, windy and dark. Lovely jubbly.

I also have exams during this month, and my delightful schedule of 18th birthday parties have drawn to a bitter halt. I now have to spend friday night's revising for a subject that I'll never remember next year. Great.

So, for us bored, self-pitying souls, who are fed up of the weather, work and life, here are some clips my friends have shown me that might cheer you up:

And also, be glad your teeth don't look like this: *dials dentist*


Monday, 17 January 2011

What's that? Revise? *snore*


Horrible things. Created to "measure" someone's intelligence, knowledge and mental ability.

(really? Do they rreaalllllyyyyy? No, seeing as we more-a-less memorise a textbook, regurgitate the information in the test, and then forget all about it a month later. I haven't done maths for two years. Can I do algebra? Graphs? Percentages? Nope - yet I passed my exams).

The exams themselves are usually not that awful - unless you tried to cram in all the content the night before and thus feel like running out the exam room.
It's just the REVISION. It's not that bad if it's a subject you like or enjoy. But when it's something you're doing for the sake of getting the grades, that's when it becomes mind-numbing dull and suicidal.

I know I shouldn't be complaining - I'm lucky to have a good education, and the opportunity to go to Uni. So, in light of this rather positive outlook on boredom, I've come up with some revision tips (just to keep you sane and stop you from going on Facebook. Well, ok, I'm not a magician, but y'know):

- Wear comfy clothes. This sounds stupid I know, but revising in a pair of soft pjs and slippers is much nicer than a pair of jeans.
- Drink tea/coffee/hot chocolate/coke/juice. I know this isn't healthy. But it'll help you plough through at revision book a heck of a lot easier.
- Try revising with friends. "Always better when we're together....." - Jack Johnson is correct - revising in a group can actually be kinda, erm, FUN? (and plus, after an hour, you can all turn the tv on and chat. Nice)
- EAT. Yes yes, snacking is bad blah. But hey, if that packet of Pringles gets you a A grade surely that's ok? (if you really are a health freak, eat an orangeeeeee, yeah?)
- And finally - HAVE A BREAK. Cramming information all night is just gonna make your head explode. Take a break every hour - maybe check facebook, watch a  bit of tv, read etc. Socialise too - still go out with friends now and again, and have fun. Get the balance right, or you'll go mad.

Hope these tips help - they haven't been proven in any way, just some things I thought that could give you some motivation. The grades should make it worth it in the end.

(better go back to revising then - psychology if you're wondering, and currently it's all about "gender" and the evolutionary theory i.e. the reproductive success and mating. Brilliant...)


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Good Old Fashioned Love...

So, Valentine's Day is coming up soon - which is completely and utterly fabulous for all you lucky people who have partners - a candle light dinner, romance and loooovvvvvveeeeeeeee.


For many of us it's like having the word "SINGLE" plastered on our forehead for the whole world to see. It's pretty depressing, and most of us end up spending it with a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and sobbing in front of Titanic - or worse, a stereotypical rom-com which usually results with us shouting at the tv in rage "THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE")

(If you are one of those lucky ladies, and are wondering what to wear, this January is very much rock-meets-royal styling. Dresses with structured fitting, thick belts and bold gold prints will look great, and is very in season - as are velvets and metallic shades. On the contary, you could dress down in a boyfriend-style appearance in a parka, denim and over sized jumpers).

I've been to a couple of 18th parties recently, both of which were themed - 60s and 80s. And, besides the crazy clothes, this made me think - what will the next generations think of our era? It'll probably consist of a muddle of club anthems, constantly changing fashion, Facebook and IPhones. Our era is lacking that good ol' fashion love that all the others had - we have no distinct fashion or even music - it changes so fast.

Not that this is a bad thing, since vintage is greaatt. I miss that too - old fashioned love letters hand written, jube boxes and the blues.

Now let's finish this post with those three words we love the most:



P.S Glee has just come back on here in England - so excited, and I've also got tickets to see them live. WHO SAID LIFE IS BAD?