Friday, 28 January 2011

I wanna go to the Gloden Globes only cause of the clothes...

"Ohmygod. You are never gonna believe this!"
"I just got a special invite to the Gloden Globes! As part of the press of course - I'm doing a full features article AND I'm sitting next to....Brad and Angelina!"
"What, really?! THAT'S SO COOL!"
"Well, obviously".

Ok, no this didn't really happen. Obviously. Sorry to disappoint.

We all know what the Golden Globes is about. Not to celebrate acting talent - only a little. That's just an excuse to hold an event in which rich beautiful people get to dine with other rich beautiful people, and let us judge their clothing. It's also a way of saying, "HEY HOLLYWOOD IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING - WHAT WE SHOW YOU IS HOW THE WORLD SHOULD BE (AND WE TELL YOU WHAT TO BELIEVE)". *lies*

I quite enjoy the clothes part - shocking, I know. Watching stars walk down the red carpet in Chanel, Versace and other designers which no-one knows how to pronounce (and pretend to know). Here's a selection of my faves:

And here's the people that maybe should have gone home and changed?


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