Monday, 17 January 2011

What's that? Revise? *snore*


Horrible things. Created to "measure" someone's intelligence, knowledge and mental ability.

(really? Do they rreaalllllyyyyy? No, seeing as we more-a-less memorise a textbook, regurgitate the information in the test, and then forget all about it a month later. I haven't done maths for two years. Can I do algebra? Graphs? Percentages? Nope - yet I passed my exams).

The exams themselves are usually not that awful - unless you tried to cram in all the content the night before and thus feel like running out the exam room.
It's just the REVISION. It's not that bad if it's a subject you like or enjoy. But when it's something you're doing for the sake of getting the grades, that's when it becomes mind-numbing dull and suicidal.

I know I shouldn't be complaining - I'm lucky to have a good education, and the opportunity to go to Uni. So, in light of this rather positive outlook on boredom, I've come up with some revision tips (just to keep you sane and stop you from going on Facebook. Well, ok, I'm not a magician, but y'know):

- Wear comfy clothes. This sounds stupid I know, but revising in a pair of soft pjs and slippers is much nicer than a pair of jeans.
- Drink tea/coffee/hot chocolate/coke/juice. I know this isn't healthy. But it'll help you plough through at revision book a heck of a lot easier.
- Try revising with friends. "Always better when we're together....." - Jack Johnson is correct - revising in a group can actually be kinda, erm, FUN? (and plus, after an hour, you can all turn the tv on and chat. Nice)
- EAT. Yes yes, snacking is bad blah. But hey, if that packet of Pringles gets you a A grade surely that's ok? (if you really are a health freak, eat an orangeeeeee, yeah?)
- And finally - HAVE A BREAK. Cramming information all night is just gonna make your head explode. Take a break every hour - maybe check facebook, watch a  bit of tv, read etc. Socialise too - still go out with friends now and again, and have fun. Get the balance right, or you'll go mad.

Hope these tips help - they haven't been proven in any way, just some things I thought that could give you some motivation. The grades should make it worth it in the end.

(better go back to revising then - psychology if you're wondering, and currently it's all about "gender" and the evolutionary theory i.e. the reproductive success and mating. Brilliant...)


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