Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fast Forward to Summer please?


Definitely one of the most miserable months - in fact, I think Monday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Of course, this was supposedly proven by some professors at whatever-university, but was later discovered to be a big pile of poo. Well, scientifically speaking anyway.

I personally believe it's pretty accurate. Christmas is over - thus we have no money, we weigh more, and we're back to work. Summer seems like a billion years away, and the weather is cold, wet, windy and dark. Lovely jubbly.

I also have exams during this month, and my delightful schedule of 18th birthday parties have drawn to a bitter halt. I now have to spend friday night's revising for a subject that I'll never remember next year. Great.

So, for us bored, self-pitying souls, who are fed up of the weather, work and life, here are some clips my friends have shown me that might cheer you up:

And also, be glad your teeth don't look like this: *dials dentist*


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