Saturday, 26 February 2011

Facebook Future?

Saw this in a magazine today and found it pretty charming.

Gotta love tacos right?

I mean, unlike others - cough Cheryl Cole/Paris Hilton/Every other famous person - he doesn't go flaunting his billions.

He looks, well, normal? Which I think is pretty great for the youngest ever billionaire. In fact, I watched The Social Network the other day, and it was odd having an insight into how Facebook was created. Of course, this was a film, and therefore not something that should be mistaken for reality - but even so, it really showed how clever Mark Zuckerberg is, and just how much people want a piece of something when it's worth money.

It got me thinking about Facebook itself - is it just a fad? Like Bebo, Myspace etc - will it's popularity just fade away until something else comes along? It's odd to think that it could go, and it's strange to think that we will look back at it with snort of laughter, "did we really use that??". Or could we look at it with nostalgia?

Because, even if Facebook does end, it's definitely defined this generation in someway. 

The future freaks me out a little.


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Leona Lewis New Look

First off, apologises for the disappearance of my post yesterday - there was a bit of a personal dilemma (ooh that sounds dramatic. Like something from a soap opera).

Today, however, I'm going to stay clear from anything of the such. Life should be calm right? (if only). And so, what better idea to get further away from my world by going into the celebrity world (could I have a one-way ticket please?).

In particular, I thought I'd talk about Leona Lewis's new look. It's pretty drastic - but not in a "OMG-Pete-Burns" kinda way, but rather in a way that some people would love and praise, or others would be disappointed.

Lewis unveiling her new look - got a bitta Gaga-chick going on here?
Thing is, we all know Leona as a "average" girl from Hackney, who wowed us with her voice, won X Factor and since then, has done pretty darn good in the charts. She was given a "good-girl" image, with her quiet personality and reserved sex-appeal - well, if you compare her to stars like Gaga, Rihanna and Britney.

But hey, it's Hollywood right? And so, Leona's image could only get her so far - sooner or later she would have to opt for a more edgy, sexy and seductive appearance. Which is what she's done. Some people say that this is fine - all celebrities do this one time or another, especially with such major competition out there in the music charts.

However, Leona has caused some controversy as people are seeing this as a way of Leona changing herself in order to be successful  (c'mon who doesn't?), and that this is something that has been pushed upon her in order to sexualise her image, and essentially sell more music. It's true to say that she looks very different - sleek, straight hair rather from her natural curly mane, a slimmer face, a slimmer body, and much more quirky and seductive clothing.

Is this an example of the pressure in the music industry? A way of conforming to the generic rules of fame? Or, is it just an inevitable - or even, just Leona trying out something new? Don't deny it, we've all tried looks that don't quite suit us (flared jeans, ponchos, leggings, LEOTARDS).

Personally, I think it's a mixture of both - Leona trying to improve/publicise her image, but also trying something new for herself. (oh the joy of an obvious ending, eh?)

What do you think?


Monday, 21 February 2011

Mission -Impossible?-

Let's be honest.

My blog isn't exactly something that is reaching thousands of readers, and if you look this way >>>> I have a massive SEVEN followers.

This isn't good guys.

Unfortunately - just my luck - one of my friends also has a blog, and to my absolute joy, he as a stupid amount of people following him, "Oh LOOK, I just got a 5 billionth follower Nicola, look!". Honestly. (Can I also express that his blog is about geography and not some of sort of out-of-this-world blog that accurately predicts when the zombie Apocalypse will arrive and the truth about Amelia Earhart). Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a jealous-green-eyed-monster, I'm just, well, yeah.

This friend of mine asked me if I would like my blog to posted on his and thus I could get more recognition - sorry to disappoint guys, but I have a bit a of pride. The idea of hearing this, "Yeah, look, your blog has done well all because of meeeeee" is not my idea of success. And so, like a stubborn old hag, I've decided to do by myself.

Smart or Stupid? It's a fine line.

And a bit of a fib. When I say "By Myself", I also mean a bit of help from you guys. If you do like reading my ramblings pleasepleaseplease tell other people. And follow me! Of course I'm going to be doing some of my own work - not 100% sure how yet, I have some ideas - but spreading my blog as fast as an STI would be FAB. And I'd love you forever of course.

C'mon, I have to beat this guy - and I'll let you share the triumph.

Wish me luck!

P.S the failure of this is gonna be so humiliating.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Everything is dull.

Oh apologises dear blog for the longgg delay. 

I think it's because this time of the year is just so dull and thus there is nothing to write about. The entertainment in my life has resulted to being ridiculously excited by Glee every monday evening- I like Glee ok! I'M SORRY - and singing along to the weirdly enjoyable advert. Oh, and there's tea of course. And fashion.

Fashion - you'd think I could write about this; for a start it's in my BLOG TITLE. But I think fashion reflects what's going on in the world at the moment, and if I'm honest, that's not much.

I did go shopping yesterday however, and spotted a lotttttt of Chanel inspired looks for this season - blue striped t-shirts, sailor styled jackets. Fashion at the moment has been very basic. It's all about thin tees, hoodies and the occasional floral skirt; very mix n matched, throw it all on and "I-just-gotta-outta-bed-and-look-how-sexy-I-am-even-though-I'm-only-wearing-a-tank-top-and-cargo-pants". And I'm notgnnalie, I actually love this look - it's easy and doesn't require toommuucchheffoort.

Moving off topic as per usual, another thing that has been bothering me lately is well, PEOPLE. To be more precise, people that COMPLAIN. People really should sit back and assess their lives. Is it really that bad? Yeah yeaah, we all have bad days, and sometimes life does really feel ridiculous. But hey if you have a cold could you stop TELLING me about it? (This includes pointless facebook updates - my newsfeed looks like the memoirs of someone suffering from a terminal illness. How cheery for me). We should relax more, be a bit more casual, and actually be grateful for what we have - we're luckier than most.

To quote Gaga - "Don't be a drag, just be a Queen". She knows her stuff.