Saturday, 26 February 2011

Facebook Future?

Saw this in a magazine today and found it pretty charming.

Gotta love tacos right?

I mean, unlike others - cough Cheryl Cole/Paris Hilton/Every other famous person - he doesn't go flaunting his billions.

He looks, well, normal? Which I think is pretty great for the youngest ever billionaire. In fact, I watched The Social Network the other day, and it was odd having an insight into how Facebook was created. Of course, this was a film, and therefore not something that should be mistaken for reality - but even so, it really showed how clever Mark Zuckerberg is, and just how much people want a piece of something when it's worth money.

It got me thinking about Facebook itself - is it just a fad? Like Bebo, Myspace etc - will it's popularity just fade away until something else comes along? It's odd to think that it could go, and it's strange to think that we will look back at it with snort of laughter, "did we really use that??". Or could we look at it with nostalgia?

Because, even if Facebook does end, it's definitely defined this generation in someway. 

The future freaks me out a little.


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  1. I doubt we'd ever look back and be embarassed by the concept of facebook (maybe the pictures, status updates and memories of our past self), but I reckon that it won't be around forever.
    At the time we thought Myspace would be around forever, but we matured and moved away from it.
    People our age are now moving from Facebook to Twitter.
    We're waiting for the next hype now.