Thursday, 24 February 2011

Leona Lewis New Look

First off, apologises for the disappearance of my post yesterday - there was a bit of a personal dilemma (ooh that sounds dramatic. Like something from a soap opera).

Today, however, I'm going to stay clear from anything of the such. Life should be calm right? (if only). And so, what better idea to get further away from my world by going into the celebrity world (could I have a one-way ticket please?).

In particular, I thought I'd talk about Leona Lewis's new look. It's pretty drastic - but not in a "OMG-Pete-Burns" kinda way, but rather in a way that some people would love and praise, or others would be disappointed.

Lewis unveiling her new look - got a bitta Gaga-chick going on here?
Thing is, we all know Leona as a "average" girl from Hackney, who wowed us with her voice, won X Factor and since then, has done pretty darn good in the charts. She was given a "good-girl" image, with her quiet personality and reserved sex-appeal - well, if you compare her to stars like Gaga, Rihanna and Britney.

But hey, it's Hollywood right? And so, Leona's image could only get her so far - sooner or later she would have to opt for a more edgy, sexy and seductive appearance. Which is what she's done. Some people say that this is fine - all celebrities do this one time or another, especially with such major competition out there in the music charts.

However, Leona has caused some controversy as people are seeing this as a way of Leona changing herself in order to be successful  (c'mon who doesn't?), and that this is something that has been pushed upon her in order to sexualise her image, and essentially sell more music. It's true to say that she looks very different - sleek, straight hair rather from her natural curly mane, a slimmer face, a slimmer body, and much more quirky and seductive clothing.

Is this an example of the pressure in the music industry? A way of conforming to the generic rules of fame? Or, is it just an inevitable - or even, just Leona trying out something new? Don't deny it, we've all tried looks that don't quite suit us (flared jeans, ponchos, leggings, LEOTARDS).

Personally, I think it's a mixture of both - Leona trying to improve/publicise her image, but also trying something new for herself. (oh the joy of an obvious ending, eh?)

What do you think?


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