Thursday, 13 October 2011

My baaad

Oh my dear blog! How I have neglected you for almost...6 months?! Quite frankly, it's pretty low of myself, and I expect that the 2 or 3 people who actually bothered to read this have left to more exciting bits of writing from more dedicated bloggers. Or just people who are better at writing than me.

Ironically, I do have an excuse for my inexcusable neglect towards my blog. I am officially a University Student! Hurrah! But, wait, I hear you shout - surely that means all I'm doing is getting drunk and throwing up down my shared bathroom facilities? (which, by the way, I do NOT recommend, fight to the death for an en suite, truuust me).

And yes, the first part is true (the latter I have managed to avoid, so far, something I can't say for quite a few people I have met), but moving to University, whatever your views about it, is kinda hard. I'm not saying it's harder than getting a job, being a soldier, or being a single-mum, but for someone who's lived with their parents and had dinner on the table almost every night (oh poor little rich girl!), being alone and suddenly responsible for yourself can hit you in the stomach just as hard as that tenth vodka shot.

Saying that, I am enjoying Uni, and am studying towards a degree in Journalism - which, before you instantly sneer at the profession - is a pretty heavy degree. Okay, so it's not Medicine or Engineering, but I still have to learn ridiculous things like shorthand (just seriously, what the hell, it's a bunch of squiggles), and am lucky enough to get units in Law, History and soon next year Global Issues and Government. So no, unfortunately I don't get to spend my degree reading magazines or laughing at The Sun.

Therefore, as of now, this blog will have developed from Fashion to more of a complete selection of  my bullshitting - or, as I like to call it, my Memoirs. Yes, like Memoirs of a Geisha, only less dramatic, thought-provoking, and good.

Hope you carry on reading me, I am quite interesting I promise!


PS I will change my blog title don't worry, I have established that it no longer makes any sense.