Sunday, 20 February 2011

Everything is dull.

Oh apologises dear blog for the longgg delay. 

I think it's because this time of the year is just so dull and thus there is nothing to write about. The entertainment in my life has resulted to being ridiculously excited by Glee every monday evening- I like Glee ok! I'M SORRY - and singing along to the weirdly enjoyable advert. Oh, and there's tea of course. And fashion.

Fashion - you'd think I could write about this; for a start it's in my BLOG TITLE. But I think fashion reflects what's going on in the world at the moment, and if I'm honest, that's not much.

I did go shopping yesterday however, and spotted a lotttttt of Chanel inspired looks for this season - blue striped t-shirts, sailor styled jackets. Fashion at the moment has been very basic. It's all about thin tees, hoodies and the occasional floral skirt; very mix n matched, throw it all on and "I-just-gotta-outta-bed-and-look-how-sexy-I-am-even-though-I'm-only-wearing-a-tank-top-and-cargo-pants". And I'm notgnnalie, I actually love this look - it's easy and doesn't require toommuucchheffoort.

Moving off topic as per usual, another thing that has been bothering me lately is well, PEOPLE. To be more precise, people that COMPLAIN. People really should sit back and assess their lives. Is it really that bad? Yeah yeaah, we all have bad days, and sometimes life does really feel ridiculous. But hey if you have a cold could you stop TELLING me about it? (This includes pointless facebook updates - my newsfeed looks like the memoirs of someone suffering from a terminal illness. How cheery for me). We should relax more, be a bit more casual, and actually be grateful for what we have - we're luckier than most.

To quote Gaga - "Don't be a drag, just be a Queen". She knows her stuff.


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