Thursday, 9 December 2010

What to wear this Christmas?

This f/w may be all about jumpers, patterns, woolly hats and fairisle patterns, but it's a whole different story for those Christmas parties and New Year celebrations. Want to look fab at them all? Keep reading...

Sooooo, I was having a flick through magazines and the internet, and realised that parties, and even Christmas Day if you wanna go full-out, has taken elements of this winter's style, and given it some of Santa's magic (ok, ok cheesy line).

Basically, what I'm trying to explain, is that the Christmas/New Year look is far more glittery, sparkly and flowing - not to mention tons of sequins - that whats been around this year. It contrasts to the plain jumpers and masculine military looks that are around, and is actually a refreshing. It's a great chance to feel much more feminine, but still keeping some vintage and aviator elements to the outfit.

For those who want to take full advantage of the feminine feel, then choose items like flowing cape dresses and layered maxi-dresses - nude pinks, and white will compliment each other, as will adding glittering jumpers, cardigans, and even feathers. These looks can be completed with some ballet pumps, or slim heels, with some minimalistic jewellery and make up. Almost fairy-like I think!

However, if you still want to incorporate some edgy-ness, quirky add-ons and even hints of masculinity, aim for black shift dresses - the A-Line styled ones with no belt can even create an almost masculine feel, which you can mix with leather/aviator items (jackets, trousers) from autumn's trends.  Wearing shirts - nude, or black - and pairing it with sequin shorts, or skirts can be quirky too, as will adding on socks-into-sandals, lace-boots, or large jewellery. Finally, add some reow with messy hair and smokey eyes.

One tip for all to follow for this look?

Red Lips. Mwah.


P.S Merry Christmas Everyone! - whether you're dressed completely in fashion (like the above) or - like most of us - spending Christmas day looking oh-so-fab in a pair of pyjama trousers and a reindeer jumper. Just too cool really.

(All items shown can be purchased on the Topshop website)

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