Thursday, 30 December 2010

Wait, they what?

Ok, this post is a bit of a long shot. Fashion - Celebrites - Gossip. That's what I'm going for. So, if you don't care about celebrities (I don't blame you), then look away now - quick get a blindfold, burn you eyes out or something etcetc.

Now, so, celebrities live the perfect lives, right? Beautiful, rich, sucessful, popular blahblah. And especially the ones which are married and with kids, cause now they have a beautiful family too. 

WELL. This is what we are MEANT to believe. Therefore, the astounding amount of divorces and break ups this year, has burst this little perfect bubble for me. Waaah.

The list of break ups below make me sad:

- Christina Aguilera and whatever-her-husband-is-called (Oh! Jordan Bratman)
- Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes
- Sandra Bullock and Jesse James (AS IF YOU'D CHEAT ON SANDRA, SHE'S AMAZING?)
- Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole
- Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christian
- Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy
- Eva Longoria and Tony Parker
- Courtney Cox and David Arquette (WTF!)

I know. I mean, if hot stuff like Cheryl Cole and Eva Longoria can't keep their man, what hope in heck to the rest of us average souls have?! NONE.

It's true to say that this celebrity-marriaged-bliss is all a lie. LIES AND SLANDER. Or maybe it's being a celebrity that's the cause of the problems? Maybe us normal-average-Joes stand a chance at marriage, because, well, we're average?

There's always one big difference though. When they get divorced/heartbroken, they can treat themselves to a five star hotel in the Bahamas with an entourage of slaves, and drown their sorrows in retail therapy. Us lot, on the other hand, have to make do with crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry's - true Bridget Jones style - whilst worrying about bills to pay, and living with the fact that our career is going NOWHERE.

Life really isn't fair.

These two break ups below have to my favourite/most shocking:

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Not so perfect are weeeeeeeee Zanessa? Now Vanessa can wipe that stupid smuge smile off her face....

"We're all in this together...!" *ohshutthefeckupdifkjueldkgoaway*

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson

AS IF. JUST WHY? You'd think two people as perfect/pretty as eachother would stay together, but noooooo.

My life is ruined. Well, not really.

This does mean that Ryan Reynolds is single though, so YAY! (even if I'm not lovin' the beard?)


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