Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A rather hypocritical post - how to be "individual" in fashion...


Is that really something that can be achieved through fashion? People always go on about how they express their true "creativity" and "feelings" through what they wear.

We all know that's lying. A BIG FAT LIE. Because, no one wakes up in the morning and goes, "Wow, I feel like putting on some leggings and a huge woolly jumper, cause that's how I'd like to EXPRESS myself, and that will REFLECT my mood". No, no. People wake up and go, "oh crap, what can I find that's vaguely fashionable and won't get judged in?!"

So there's the stark, obvious, and predictable truth about fashion. And, don't get me wrong, I still love fashion. I still want to write about it, follow it, wear it. What I don't like - this is a massive annoyance - are the people who THINK they are quirky, and different, and individual, when in fact, they are the ones conforming to fashion THE MOST.

I'll paint you a picture.

In my school common room a couple of week ago, I saw three girls in front of me. And they were wearing the following:
-Camel chinos
-Knitted jumper
-floral scarf
-flower in their hair
-brown handbag, vintage style

They were literally wearing the same outfit. The only difference were the varying amounts of irritation beaming off their faces and into my eyes. How could they not notice this? And, although I have no physical proof, I could tell by their stance and pompous-cowish expressions, that they FELT quirky.

If you wanna be quirky, don't wear a giant over sized jumper and a pair of leggings because that's FASHIONABLE.

To be different, individual, look at what people are not wearing. Get rid of anything remotely vintage. Try futuristic- maybe some shoulder pads? Wear things that looks horrible on your Dad. That's right, bring back those 90s blue jeans that awkwardly hang at the ankle, and maybe a Millets anorak. 

Don't try to be quirky by conforming. It's hypocritical (a little like how this post is with the rest of my other posts). Don't look through fashion magazines, or watch what celebrities are wearing.


Just, accept that fashion, like most things, means following and being a sheep. Admit that you're a sheep. It's ok to be one.



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