Saturday, 27 November 2010

Time for a change - Men's Fashion...

Writing about men's fashion isn't really my strength, but after being bugged by one of my friends, I decided that it would be an interesting change, and even helpful for any female readers too (you know, hinting to your boyfriends and all...).

Since not knowing all that much about men's latest trends, I did a bit of research - and by this, I mean have a look at a couple of men's online shops. As I said, detailed research!

Ok, so I may not have done a full-on undercover investigation, but I still have some decent facts and ideas now about the latest male sit back, relax and enjoy.

It's plain obvious that the men's fashion is going to reflect what women are wearing at the moment too - so look out for vintage, miltary and back-to-basic looks. The thing with men's fashion is that, unlike women's, it doesn't catch on at the same scale at all. Women everywhere are strutting around in army boots and aviator jackets, but how many guys wear knitted granny-chic jumpers, or fairisle wooly hats?

Some of the in-trend men items at the moment are definitely for the brave only - things like the "comtempary punk" look - skinnies, leather, and thin scoop-necked tees, and other items such as trench coats and even - yes, I did see this on a men's winter collection - ponchos.

Guys that aren't really in for the quirky look should try and stay clear of these items, and if I were them, I'd follow more simplistic - yet still great - trends, like the miltary look. A pair of grey chinos could take you far (just make sure you don't pick any that are too tight/baggy), as will a decent miltary styled jacket - although, those who want to keep it a bit safer/tougher looking should opt for the shorter miltary jackets, with double-breasted buttons, rather than the long ones with a pulled in waist.

Another item that's pretty good for those safety guys are knitted jumpers. Now, I'm not talking about those overly-decorative styles that look a little bit like what your Grandad wears at Christmas -i.e fairisle styled - but the jumpers that are sophiscated, and very hot at the moment. Plain blacks, greys, dark blues and browns are pefect, and easy to match with other styles too. This knitted look also works well with layers - whether it's tees, jackets or shirts.

Luckily for men, most of their fashion always stays pretty much "in". Hence why, if you're more a denim guy than chino, then that's still working too. Try jeans which look distressed, partly faded (not overly faded or white, no nooo, not in winter) and dark - these can easily be paired with a knitted jumper, or even some army boots if you want to spice up the outfit. Print shirts are also very much in, if the vintagey look isn't your taste, and this very much allows you keep that mordern look. (Try matching it with a checked "lumberjack" style shirt to add some pattern).

However, all those quirky-guys do not despair! This f/w collection is PERFECT for you. Men's style right now is definitely 70s influenced - albeit without those flares - and this gives you a great change to mix and match. Just little things like keeping your top button done up instantly gives you a quirky edge, and adding a scarf is another brilliant tip. Shoes are also a fantastic way of making your outfit stand out - try wearing a pair of desert shoes (bright coloured ones if you can brave it!), as well as brogues and boots. There is a huge variety of boots out there to choose from - braver guys try opt for styles like chelsea boots, or high legged sparrow boots, and safer guys can choose plain brogues, or plain fold-down boots. And finally, simple things like tucking in shirts, short jackets and belts can complete the trend brilliantly.

Basically, whatever your style, just stick to what you're comfortable with - there is so much to choose from out there! (Zara, Topman and H&M will do the trick).

My final tip for all men?

Avoid leggings. (fashion doesn't always get it right)


P.S Yum, male models, hmmm...


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