Thursday, 18 November 2010

'Brush With Fashion' - Spring Make Up Launch

Apologies for not posting for a while, things have been pretty hectic lately, what school work, Uni applications, and all sorts of drama.

But anyway.

Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to have a invitation - courtesy of my brother-in-law - to go and see London College of Fashion and the Body Shop launch their new make up range, a project that they have worked on together.

So I'm here to give you the lowdown...

London itself was busier than ever, especially down Oxford Street and Bond Street where the college was - people always seem to be in some kind of rush in London, even when they aren't in the Underground. The Christmas lights were already up and shining - Rihanna turned them on a week or so ago - and so the festive atmosphere was all around...i.e mad shoppers, freezing cold weather and just thousands of people. The transport itself was crazy - the central line was severely delayed due a suicide earlier that morning, and then the entrance into Oxford Circus was shut off because someone had collapsed. Happy Holidays Everyone...

ANYWAY, enough of my rambling, I'm starting to sound like my Dad.

Once I had arrived, and survived the mayhem, I waited for the show to start.

Now, so the Body Shop are famous, and popular for their organic, natural and non-cruelty-to-animals philosophy, and this was said to be one of the reasons why London College of Fashion wanted to collaborate with them; in fact, the winning artwork creator Katarina Voloder said, "I have always admired The Body Shop ethical, sustainable and cruetly-free approach to make up, so it's particulary exciting that my work is part of this innovative, new and on-trend collection".

The room was packed - ok, fairly full - of press and journalists down the sides of the catwalk, whilst everyone else was situated above, on the seats - rather like a mini-theatre. This experience in itself was quite daunting - I mean I didn't exactly have anything to back myself up with. In fact, as I entered, this happened:

"Hi, so where are you from?"
(Elle? No. Vogue? No. The Times? No. Horse and Hounds? Not even that).

I ended up having to awkwardly explain that I was here because of my brother-in-law. To which the woman behind the desk, understandably, dismissed me like I had just stated that I was a toilet cleaner.

The show itself was amazing; the clothes worn by the models - designs by William Tempest and Jena Theo - reflected the new make up range brilliantly; nudes, metallic silvers, faded greys and bursts of oranges and pinks. The colour palate reflected their organic and natural branding, and was perfect for people who like to have that natural-look, and not end up looking tangoed. Surprisingly, they also included older aged models, which I think was refreshing, and a great way of trying to defy the conventions of the fashion industry and the models that they generically use.

As I wasn't a professional journalist, I was unable to go backstage and see all that wonderfullness, but I DID get a lovely goody bag full of the latest range, ranging from lip gloss, to face base  - which isn't even on shelves yet! Overall though, the show was great to watch, and the make up itself is fabulous.
Inside my goody bag!
- Illuminating Face Base - £14.00
- Limited Collection For Eyes - £18.00
- Tailored Cheek Tint - £8.50
-  Hi -Shine Lip Treatment - £9.50
- Re- useable Bag- £2.00
(extras - face mist, blusher brush, eye shadow
brush and removal wipes!)

The only thing I would have liked to see more would have been larger models maybe - none of this size zero stuff- but this risk may have been one to large to take; after all, its a fact that skinnier models are more effective in promotion and sales.

All in all however, the new range was still pretty fab, and will be hitting the shelves in January - watch this space!



  1. Hi Nicola! Thanks for the blog comment :) Just dropping you a quick line and also to say well done as your blogging is great! If you are keen to do the course at Winchester I would recommend it and from what i've seen on your blog it would suit you down to the ground! I've left uni now as I was offered work I couldn't turn down but let me know if you need more info or anything! I'll start blogging again soon too! Sophie x

  2. Hiya! You're welcome, and thanks for taking time out to look at my blog :) Thank you loads for the positive feedback, and glad to hear about your new job! I've applied to Winchester now as one of my Uni options, and I'll see how it all goes! I'll have a read of your blog too.

    Thanks, Nicola x