Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fashion - This Year's Fall/Winter Collection

Avoiding Homework - check.
Facebook Being Boring - check.
Nothing on TV-  check.

So what is there now? In this, dull, tedious Sunday afternoon?

That's right.


I am loving this Fall/Winter collection at the moment with its hint of vintage, masculinity and that hybrid of tailoring and miss-match. The colours this season are fab too; shades of camel, dark green and muddy brown. And of course, you'd be lost without a pair of army boots, loafers or brogues this winter - this new style in particular is what I love; those drops of 1930s male fashion now reinvented 70 years later to the 'modern woman'. Lovely jubbly.

Denim has been reawakened this year, from early this spring, to now in f/w. This resurrection reminds me of some of the jackets I used to wear growing up in the 90s - and I gotta be honest, they weren't that great. The modern take on denim is muchhh better - the tailored structure jeans with edgy blazers or loose jumpers, to ripped skirts and baggy tees.

Aviator Jackets - or how I dubbed it, the "Amelia Earhart" look. (I mentioned this to my mum a week ago, to which she replied, "Amelia who? Is that a new designer?" Honestly). It's true though - dress the jacket with a pair chinos, furry pixie boots and a pair of pre WW2 flying goggles, and you'd look just like her.

Looking back at last year’s f/w collection - I visited Clothes Show Live in Birmingham with my school, and I have some pretty cool photos - the leap is quite big. Last year it seemed to be long cardigans and massive woolly scarves, and now it's all about men's shoes and army jackets. (If I showed you a pair of army-boot-turned-heels last year, you would definitely have gone, "Woah, that's weeiirrddd").

So, as it were, I was avoiding work as usual, and doing some online clothes-shopping (or wishing more like). With my budget, Topshop is already a push - but where did I end up looking? Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavilli and Kurt Geiger. Good start. I even went on the Hermès website, and when I clicked on "online boutique", the page refused to load - it was like it could SENSE my empty pockets. (Probably for the best, I found a bracelet on there awhile ago at the same price as a brand new car). And it was this rather fantasy-like shopping that lead me to this wonderful pair of shoes and clutch! (below)

Now, I don't usually go for leopard (which is so in, all of a sudden), but these paired with a classic LBD, and a Jimmy Choo clutch - how good would that look?
Pretty finneeee I think.

(Anyone want to buy them for me?)


 Why it's Jimmy Choo of course! (£275)

Isn't it pretty? (Kurt Geiger - £70)





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