Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Work Avoidance: Symptom One - Facebook Addiction

Here I am on my half-term with a bunch of homework to do, and yet what is always on my screen? Sure enough, it's Facebook. And it's not like I'm even talking to anyone on there, or that I'm waiting for an important email - I'm literally just staring at the home page, and clicking refresh every 5 minutes incase someone posts, "Just ate some toast, yum".

"Why?" I can hear you saying. Why do I waste my time looking at the facebook home page, when I know that hardly any decent posts appear at 11am.

I think most people would answer with the classic, "work avoidance". It's true though - why else would I keep clicking that refresh button? Oh yeah, so I can avoid that bloody 5,000 word project I should start. But surely watching a film would be the same idea? Or reading a book? I mean, you avoid work AND actually get something out of it.

I think what makes Facebook so addictive is the fact that it circles around, well, ourselves.("You're so vain, wah, wah"). But it's this constructed presentation of yourself. We all choose that display picture which makes us look thin and our hair look shiny. We usually post things like, "Had a great time at Jack's party", just so that everyone out there knows that we have a social life, (and that, ironically, we're not just staring at facebook all day).

Weird isn't it? Another good one is Facebook stalking, a action that can easily waste 40 minutes. Now, don't worry, I'm not talking about ACTUAL creepy-psychopathic stalkers, I mean the "normal-cause-we-all-do-it" stalk -(you've done it, just admit it). Everyone checks their ex's page right? ("He's gone shopping?! He HATED shopping when he was dating me! What a bitch"). Most of us even check our FRIEND'S pages if they're dating someone, just so that we know whether their relationship is "Facebook Official" - it's almost like signing a marriage contract nowadays. ("Omg, Amy and Tom are dating!" "But's it's not Facebook Official?" "Oh, well, might just be a rumour then?")
>>> So creating an html link to another person's page is now a signifier of true love?

Oh dear oh dear. Where are the good ol' days, eh? Hmm.

One relationship status that's always a pain in the arse is the "Amy is in a complicated relationship with Tom". Sometimes, I don't really see why some people would want everyone to know problems going on in their private life? Changing a status like that is clearly asking for gossip - "Omg, it's now complicated! Think Tom cheated? Saw him with Jess the at that party...blahBLAHBLAH".
(Ok, ok, I love a good gossip too, but still).


This world of Facebook is a funny one. (I mean, here I am STILL avoiding homework by blogging about it?! Honestly). But, despite all that relationship stuuff, it's always a fab way to keep in contact with those relatives in America, and seeing what Lady Gaga is up to. (Well, as I said, it's helpful).

What makes me wonder is how will it grow? When my four-year-old niece is 17 what will she be using? Facebook 3D in which you can literally SEE your friends walking around out of the laptop? Or maybe "teleportbook" - in just one click you can meet your friend in Starbucks, by clicking "Meet Up" on their page? (Ok,ok, that's abit far fetched, but give it hundred years or so).

Watch this space.

(Yeah, I've finished my blog, and what am I about to go and do? CHECK MY FACEBOOK OF COURSE).


--they should sell Facebook patches to get rid of this addiction-


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