Tuesday, 26 October 2010

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The article that gave me some useful ideas!
 So, I’ve decided to start a scrap book. This week seems to be one of new starts – first this blog, now a scrapbook. I think I’m just one step away from becoming a creative genius. Or not.

Ironically, what got me onto this scrapbook idea was reading an article about Inspiration, something that we all need.  The article was in the September issue of “Red” magazine, and was titled, “CUT & PASTE YOUR PERFECT LIFE”. It was about a woman, who heavily pregnant, needed some motivation, and ended up creating a mood board, cutting out images from magazines and sticking them together to see how they reflected her.

Her first mood board turned out to be what everyone (c'mon, admit it) dreams of:

-          A mansion the size of a small country
-          A car worth the price of a small country
-          Designer clothes and jewellery that would bankrupt most families.

The error :

She had created a fantasy wish-list, (a page of overpriced clothes, materialistic values and houses that are honestly just TOO bloody big), rather than anything that reflected her. So when she started again, she went with her instinct – how many of us do that? No matter how quirky, random, or weird it was, she followed it.

This idea of instincts inspired me to create my very own scrapbook of randomness and see what I find. I still have to get hold a scrapbook – Ok, I’m being a bit lazy, but the High street is such a long walk – but I have begun following my instincts. With a pen in hand, I flicked through the pile of magazines, and circled whatever I was drawn to – an image of a lady walking over buildings, an image of Audrey Hepburn, an article about overpriced cupcakes.

None of it made sense, and that’s what I loved – it reflected parts of me. A bit like this blog – it’s just a bunch of my waffling again, but maybe some of this waffling will inspire people out there? Truth is, I never plan out my blogs, or have a specific idea. I just get a blank document and write – wherever my instincts lead to (merhmerh, blahblah wkihflksdjhoehdfsmcpf).

Good thing or bad thing?

You decide.


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  1. Damn, that's a sexy background - i'd have that if I was gay.